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Apr. 18th, 2007

new 'do

A Senseless Rampage

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

--Khalil Gibran

Yesterday (Tuesday here in the Phils. & Monday in the US), a chilling tragedy happened at Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va.

It was something that's not meant to be laughed upon nor is it worthy to be criticized.

33 lives were taken and i think 15 or more of that number are still standing between the lines of life and death.

What happened in that campus is simply not a joke. It has to be taken seriously and it also needs to be critically dwelled upon not just by the US but also the whole world.

There are so many factors that goes around this issue and it continues to pile up every second possible.

Anger. Guns. Violence. Security. Life. Death. and so much more...

What triggered this horrific tragedy?

What was really going on inside the mind of Cho Seung-Hui, the person responsible for this tragedy?

There are so many question reverberating inside my head right now and the only thing that helped me lessen it a bit is to post this blog.

I'm not sure if this helps but it is true that the whole world is now in extreme shock because the intensity of that tragedy is really shocking and heart-breaking...

Do we still need to encounter more of these senseless rampages and outbursts in the future?

Isn't the school being treated as every child's second home?
Which means that it has to be a safe sanctuary wherein children and the young alike would feel safe, free and secured all the time?

Geez... My condolences goes to the families, friends, acquaintances and peers of those lives that are perished and even to those who are still in the middle of fighting for their precious lives.

Death is imminent but not in a way like this.

Such a senseless rampage...

Apr. 1st, 2007

new 'do


i feel hurt...
and confused...

heck! i shouldn't have drank last night..

it was a freakin' BIG mistake..

it caused me big time headache, a crazy hang-over and an abominable migraine!

so much for a couple of red drinks! geezzz...

reasons why i got myself wasted:
 - he said he's in hongkong with his mom and sis
 - i texted him even though knowing that he wouldn't be ably to reply
 - there's this guy who sent me a very disturbing message telling me everything he feels towards me
 - some idiot sent me a lewd pic message and even asked me to give him a load! (WTF!?)
 - he later then told  me that he didn't went with his mom to hongkong and instead stayed at his house!
 - one stupid text message led to a terrible argument and exchange of harsh, bad words surfaced between the 2 of us...

oh crap!! 

now, i only had 5 hours of sleep after taking a 500 mg of Mefenamic medicine...

woke up at 5:30 am to jog and dwell on my thoughts..

went to church with mom and sis then later on felt like a floating light head...

i'm dizzy, i'm pissed off, i'm sleepy and i'm freakin' mad!

i'll just watch HEROES tonight so i'd get over some crap inside me...

Mar. 26th, 2007

new 'do

Post Script to my Sponge Cola Experience... hehehe

(i wrote this based on my recent experience at a  Sponge Cola gig last Saturday, March 24/07)

This has been exactly a long planned gig between me and some of my Sponge Cola fanatic friends. We're supposed to meet up at 1:00 pm at the mall's foodcourt because we want to get the best seats in the house...

i'm not that much of a gig fan but when my friend, Janet ushered and even mysteriously convinced me to watch SC's show has still been a mystery for me up to now that i write this blog.

you see, i wasn't that well prepared even for the CD signing not unlike Janet who brought all her SC goods and stucked them inside her bag. so i just told her that i'm contented if we'd just stand by the barricades but still close enough to get a full glimpse of Yael and the band the moment they'll perform.

so there goes our simplicity, but i took a tough turn so i texted Gen to join us there so that the 3 of us would have a great time enjoying the show, seating and literally rubbing elbows with Sponge Cola.

And we really did... hehehe

Well as always, the show started at around 4:30 in the afternoon and the crowd is really swarming up.. good thing there's the barricades that kept some people in a good distance coz if there was none, me and my friends would've been crushed by the "stampede"... just kidding!!

As the show went on, there were redundant intermission numbers by the group of men called the Beatguys Dancers.. Luckily i wasn't wearing my glasses so i didn't see any hottie, hehehe... (faithful eh!)

Then a few games and at last! Ahoi! it's SC's turn to rock the house, i mean the place!!

They played most of their popular songs such as Gemini, Jeepney, Nakapagtataka, Tuliro, Bitiw and more from their latest album called Transit...

As a "fan" hehehe, i took a lot of pics and even videos of the band specially Yael and Armo.. =)

The show ended and later on had the audience, including our group, the opportunity to get our CDs and posters signed and eventually even had our pictures taken with the band members...

Yael was so sweet that he even whispered yata "i love you" after i had my pic taken beside him... wait! was that real!? i hope so... but i definitely heard him say something like that.. o, bawal ang magselos o mainggit dahil blog ko 'to... hehehe

so there goes my recent "adventure"... haaay... it was a really unforgettable, tiring and simply amazing (smart daw oh!) experience...

Mar. 12th, 2007

new 'do

One Night Only

I'm suppose to write this blog a night ago (Sunday) coz i wanna share my recent "street party" experience last Saturday (03/10/07). It was like supposed to be like a street party celebration given by a certain group in our class for these people whom they have helped clean the community.

I called it a "street party" coz it really seemed like one... It was held at an area called Mother Ignacia St., Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon city. It was just a few blocks away from ABS-CBN and by the time i got there, i wished i would've just went to Big Brother's House on the other street.

The reason?

I went there at around 5:30pm with my girl pals CJ, Grace and Joyce. When we got there, the stage still hasn't been decorated; the audio/sound equipments were still being fixed; the lights were not yet in their proper positions and geeez... kids of all size, smell and faces have been running around the stage and the whole area itself treating it like it was a play ground built for them to create havoc.. hehehe

I told myself it's gonna be a disaster if we won't volunteer to help even though knowing that we're just the visitors of our own classmates who initiated that event. So i offered a hand to help my friends finish every thing in time for the program to start.

The program was supposed to start at 7:00 pm but was later moved at 8:00pm because the honorable VIP's were still nowhere to be found. And so everyone, i mean EVERYONE waited...

Alas! the clock strikes 8 and the music turns up, the hosts went up the stage, took the microphones and talked... Whew! that made it sure that the program has started. I was just a member of the audience so i took the liberty of taking pictures and videos using my oh-so trusted digi-cam. 

All in all the program was such a blast and i really enjoyed it although there are times that it came down on "dead air" coz some of the hosts "disappeared". There were dance performances, showdowns, and talents expositions all contributed by the people behind that event and also by the community members itself especially the kids. They are sooo talented and precocious enough to grant every one else to see their talents.

The honorable guest, Congresswoman Nanette Castelo Daza and even our own Professor, Mr. Alvin Sejera, didn't failed us coz they arrived to give support to my classmates and everyone else that attended that event. So nobody got disappointed.

The party itself was a mixture of dancers, bands, VIPs, drama queens, some annoying audiences, funny performances, fantastic showdowns, applaudable talents and a lot more. By the end of the party, i told my friend Arby that i really, really enjoyed the event and was hoping for another thing to come up coz it really  made the class, if not all of the members, bond and have a great time.

By 1:30 am (Sunday,03/11/07) me and a few number of those who attended that event decided to spend the night at Benj's house in Cainta coz it's too dangerous, especially for the girls who live far, to travel at that freakin' time. So we ended up dozing the night away talking, laughing, eating and just bonded until the sun goes up. Those who joined in my no-sleep marathon were Mercy, Jessica, Janet and the owner of the house, Benj himself. I went home at 7 am and immediately dozed off to dreamland.

Oh well, times running fast and the space is cramming up so i better end this for now. 

By the way, i got a new special guy... hehehe

Mar. 8th, 2007

School Girl


on my recent post, i was choosing between Chiz Escudero and Migz Zubiri as my Senatorial candidate this coming May '07 elections...

in the end, i chose Chiz Escudero for a lot of reasons.

He's and achiever; a legislator; an academic guru at his own right and he's got a lot of guts to face those TraPo's in our government...

furthermore, he's got a lot more dreams for the country wrapped under his sleeves..

However, i wouldn't be able to vote for him coz i wasn't able to register in Comelec due to my oh-so heavy schedule last year..

But i guess he'd still win anyway..

I was able to watch Grey's Anatomy last night and it was such a very touching and funny episode.

I also got to watch Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 at ABS. The girl who entered whose name was Jasmin looks like she's not the friendly type of housemate that you'd want to live with for the next 126 days...

she seems like she doesn't take other peoples' suggestions and insists that she can do things by herself.. hmmmpf!

The only housemate that i like are Mickey, Bea and Robert... the rest are just the same old decors in Kuya's house..


Finally, i was able to watch CSI Season 7 on AXN but it was only shown for a mere 15 minsutes!! What the heck was that!?

Lastly, i think there's a budding romance for me and this guy who has started to court me since Tuesday (03/06/07)...

i don't wanna spoil things while it's still in the early stage of knowing that guy. i'm just damn happy about that... ^_^


By the way, i saw a preview of Sandra Bullock's latest movie entitled The Premonition... it's gooooood!!!

Mar. 7th, 2007

new 'do

(no subject)

i feel drowsy.

it's kinda cold today.

i got an essay to write (handwritten!) about one Senatorial candidate that i want to win this coming May 2007 elections.

i still haven't chose between Chiz Escudero and Migz Zubiri.

Please help me.. who do i have to choose? 


Tonight is: 

* Grey's Anatomy at 9:30 in Star World;
* CSI Season 7 at 10:00 in AXN; and,
* Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 in ABS-CBN.


why do i always have to end up in choosing between things? grrr...

Mar. 4th, 2007

new 'do


"I've heard that it's possible to grow up, but i've never met anyone who has possibly done it... without parents to defy, we break the rules to ourselves... We throw tantrums when things don't go our way... We whisper secrets with our bestfriends in the dark... We look for comfort where we can find it and we hope, against all logic, against all experience... Like children, we never give up hope..." - Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

I got that wonderful quote as i watched the replay of Grey's Anatomy on Star World this afternoon. 

It made me think, that even though we keep on telling those people around us that we are mature enough to handle our lives and every thing that's going on with it, still, we are always and forever act and think like kids.

We decide for ourselves, we choose our own paths and even dance the music we like but when it comes to contemplating on the things we did, we eventually go back to thinking like a kid. It's up to us on how we abide by the rules. 

It is our choice. 

It is just up to us to make it right.


There were 2 inspirational messages sent to me by my friends. Here's the first one:

"Trust should be like the feeling of a one-year old baby... when you throw her in the air, she laughs.. because she knows you will catch her when she falls..."


Yeah, i'm talking about "tiwala". This is one word that best describes what i've been going through this past 3 days. For an idea as to what my current dilemma is i've learned that my sister, who is in 3rd year High School, has been hiding a month-long relationship. Sheesh..

Me and my mom got so mad but it is her who has the guts to snob us and look unaffected by that matter. Heck!

Right now i've just learned from my mom that she and my freakin' sister talked last night while i was in school. Bahala na muna silang dalawa, masama pa rin ang loob ko coz of all people, she was the last person i've expected to break my trust. Nakakainis!!

As i moped on this brouhaha, another friend sent me this message:

"Why does our parents don't want their child to be involved in a relationship even if it feels alright"
It is because happiness in a relationship only exist at first and trouble at last. 
Parents love their child, and they could only cure wounds in our toes and find it very hard to cure the wounds in their child's heart..."

Out of innocence, i sent that message to my sister.. 

I just wonder as to how she thinks about that...

Mar. 3rd, 2007

new 'do

bummed out..

i went to school...

met my friends..

i feel so lazy and im not in the mood to attend any of my classes...

i saw my peepz..

heck of all hecks... WALA DAW KAMING KLASE TONIGHT!!


so now i'm here at the cafe, typing my thoughts and getting bummed out..

i want a sarsi float...

or even a pepsi cino just to take me out of this ho-hum,,, boring stiuation..

dine in or take out?

take in?!... nyehehe... i'm so sarcastic...

Mar. 2nd, 2007

new 'do

Random thoughts...


I went to school at 2:30 this afternoon and heck man, i must say that it's damn hot outside. The shrieking sun is sadistically burning my skin and is causing me to sweat and ruin my get-up. Heck! 


My super unpredictable bestfriend texted me as i was doing the codes for my webpage class telling me that she's 20 minutes away from my school and that she wants me to spend my 3-hour vacant with her at the mall... 

Goodness!! At first we decided to stroll and see what goods are in store at the mall then out of the blue she suggested that we watch a movie. She and i kinda "argued" as to which movie to watch:
 - whether it'd be "THE NUMBER 23" starring Jim Carrey (in a role that kinda freaks me out coz i'm sooo used to watching him in those silly comedy flicks) OR;
 - the "EPIC MOVIE" for the simple fact that both of us wanna have a laugh at the same time see for ourselves if that movie is worth costing us PHP120.00.

We ended up watching EPIC MOVIE and man... it was really funny.

Having to watch spoofed movies such as CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, SUPERMAN, CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, PIRATES OF THE CARRIBBEAN, DEAD MAN'S CHEST and a lot more of those flicks has made my day extremely ok.


As we waited for the movie to start, the theater showed the upcoming flicks this 2007 such as:

1. PAN'S LABYRINTH - simply produced by the master himself, Steven Spielberg... what more can i say... make your imagination run!

2. THE REAPING - starring Hilary Swank; it was like a remake of a past movie which focuses on the popular Bible story of the 10 Plagues.

3. ZOMBIES - 22 children were forced to work on a mine field during the 50s and unluckily, an accident happend thus burrying them alive. Fast forward to our current time, a mother and her 2 daughters lived in a freaky house which was so obvious that it was haunted. Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah... i'll bet you'd know how the story will run.. but what the heck is the title for? Can't they have come up with something better that "Zombies"... ewww... clichè!!

4.300 - the first time i saw it's poster on a broadsheet, i thought that it was some kind of no-good movie, but after seeing it's trailer on the big screen, sheesh! mukhang maganda! It was more like a CGI movie mixed with live actors playing gladiator-ish roles. Sabi dun sa trailer: "An army of 300 against an army of a million; who will win?" Catchy title huh?

5. HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX - of all the movies i have been waiting for since last year, this one is the best! Seeing the main characters venture into maturity is quite exhilarating. Plus add the fact that we'd get to see the DA, Professor Umbridge, Bellatrix Lestrange, the Lord of Villains Voldemort himself and a whole lot more (even Harry and Cho's lip-lock!!)makes this movie a lot more anticipated than the others!

Feb. 28th, 2007

new 'do

a sunset, a dog and a little girl


I took this picture as I was doing my afternoon walk in our neighborhood.


Sunset… hmm... just a perfect allegory to fit my current status in life.


When the sun rises, most people would think that it’s the start of a new life; a new beginning; a new day.

However, for me, the sunset brings a lot of meanings and so it is for other people too.

It may be the end of an unpredictable day for most people but for me, it’s something to be thankful for.

A sight to behold, I rarely have the chance to appreciate this moment coz most of the times that the sun sets, I’m locked up inside the school coz I have a class.

So I took this day off to discern some things and rekindle with nature. Armed with my trusted Canon Power Shot A430, I strolled our neighborhood and easily got acquainted again with the surroundings for I haven’t gone out of the house to relax and appreciate what has become of it.


Oh well, another day has passed and I’m still single… heck… I shouldn’t be bragging about it in here eh…



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